Toto Ultramax II | Elongated Seat For Greater Comfort

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There’s no great toilet without great flushing power and that goes for the Ultramax II as well. It uses Toto’s signature Double Cyclone flushing system which gets rid of the waste effortlessly while also cleaning the bowl.

SanaGloss glazing

The Double Cyclone flushing system is helped in cleaning your bowl by the SanaGloss glazing that covers the inside of it. This glazing puts up a smooth ion barrier warding off waste, mold, and bacteria so that they can easily be flushed down or cleaned off.

Toto Ultramax II: one-piece toilet

Lastly, the Toto Ultramax II is a Toto one-piece toilet, meaning no dirt or water waste can get stuck in between the bowl and the tank. This means that the toilet stays cleaner longer and is easier to wash off as well.

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