How do you earn LOOP (LPN) on

A small guide on how you earn loop.

How to earn LOOP on


So the affiliate system is straightforward to promote since every affiliate that joins under you automatically adds LOOP to your wallet, and you can access your wallet by clicking my earnings in the same tab, and you can click my points to see how many points you have accumulated by doing various social tasks on the platform and how many points some of them pay.

If you click your profile in the right corner where the 3 dots are, then click edit or general setting there you click my affiliates and there you can see your affiliate link and share it via your other social network easily with 1 click, and that's all that is needed for you to start earning LOOP by referring your friends to .


But you are also always earning LOOP from the system by doing things like posting, commenting, liking, and all kind's of things, since all the social actions, give you points and the points then automatically convert to LOOP and go to your wallet so you can withdraw it or spend it in the marketplace. And in the near future advertisements will be added in to the system and advertisers will be able to advertise and the users will be directly paid for each ad they see or get an impression from, and even further in the future there will be a direct portal with influencers on our platform and advertisers so that there is P2P or B2P without us being in the middle of it, although we will mediate the connections for no cost with our plan page that will directly connect P2P or B2P, also content creators and video makers and bloggers and all sorts of influencers will be able to earn loop for advertisements that will be put on their content if they wish.