What is loopia?

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What is the vision behind Loopia the social network aimed at the crypto and blockchain people of the world?

The digital age has been influencing most of the modern folks nowadays. If you are reading this article, then you are one of the digital tech users. There's also the chance that you are using social media daily for various purposes. Social media has been a prevalent aspect because users can conduct certain activities without leaving their home or while on the go.
Social media has been an excellent platform for users to conduct interpersonal relationships, businesses, marketing, politics, education, health improvement, and many other causes.

You can easily use any social media services. But here is the catch. Many social media users have been concerned about their privacy and data protection. The centralized control model of social media has certain downsides that make people long for the decentralized system. Thanks to the blockchain technology, it is now possible to use the 'decentralized' models of social media. If you are voting for decentralized social media, then you can't go wrong with the Loopia Network.

The creators of Loopia Network slated this platform as the new social network that will beat up centralized social networking by rewarding people for using the social network. The decentralized social networking platform also has a marketplace wherein the users can buy and sell wares using the digital currency of the system: LOOP or LPN.

If you are an avid social media user, you will take a lot of benefits from Loopia Network.

What is Loopia Network?

Loopia Network is a social network platform that is available for blockchain experts and cryptocurrency fans around the world. It is designed for building such a large social community wherein the users can sell and purchase goods and services with the decentralized cryptocurrency named LOOP. It is different from other projects which require some necessary cryptocurrency skills to participate. Joining with the Loopia Network does not need you to have any specific skills or techniques. Even if you are still new in the cryptocurrency world, you will learn the fun system fast.

How does Loopia Network work?

Explained, Loopia Network pays users in LOOP - the cryptocurrency of the platform to increase the user's interaction in the community. In the social networking platform, the advertisements will be fairly distributed to the community so that the advertisers can attain good ROI for their businesses. Whether you are an entrepreneur, businessman, or regular guy who wants to make some fortunes, you can promote your products or services without any hassle.

Meanwhile, you can earn the right amount of cash when you use the platform to interact with other users. If you don't want to spend on this platform, you can make by viewing the ads from other users or the companies. Besides, you can also post reviews and receive rewards from it. Again, all your contributions equal to LOOP currency as the rewards. It is an authentic P2P experience wherein the advertisers can post the ads without the intervention from a middleman.

What is a LOOP?

LOOP will be the staple cryptocurrency of the Loopia Network. It is also called LPN. So, LOOP and LPN are the same things. You can earn it from your contributions and spend it for posting the ads. Loopia Network also provides the cryptocurrency marketplace.

Blockchain will link the LOOP or LPN. The good thing with this platform is that you can cash out your LOOP or LPN. It is easy to buy and sell LOOP on cryptocurrency exchanges for FIAT or other cryptocurrencies you prefer.

The types of ads

There are two different types of ads: targeted ads and non-targeted ads.

The targeted ads are higher in value rather than the non-targeted ads. In the targeted advertisements, the users who view the ads can earn a higher income, and the advertisers will be able to get better ROI. As for the non-targeted ads, folks obviously will get lower income, but these are still countable.

Loopia Network is similar to Facebook or other social media sites. If you are fond of these sites, you won't see any difficulty in using Loopia Network. The difference is that the platform uses the blockchain technology, which makes it as a decentralized ecosystem. That virtual network provides all users to interact with each other with ample transparency.

The users will also receive the rewards in the form of cryptocurrency for their interactions and ads viewing, as well as other activities. When the platform expands in the future, it is possible that you can get paid for other activities like filling surveys, commenting, sharing, and so on. The sky's the limit!

In the meantime, you could also use the platforms to promote your existing businesses. Imagine how much impact you can bring on your company if the other users want to do the same for you. Usually, by seeing the ads, you have contributed well in the community. And that should be it.

The ways Loopia Network can improve social media activity

So, what's the deal with Loopia Network? How can it shape the future of social media users? If you are still in the middle of your doubt, here are the absolute advantages that you can consider.

Your data is solely yours

Do you remember about Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal? No ones want to share their private information with the third party. Loopia Network will never share your user data.

Compensation for your contribution

Facebook, Twitter, or other mainstream social media won't bother to pay you with anything. On the contrary, Loopia Network allows you to profit from your contribution.

Control over your advertisement

You can say goodbye to ad-blockers and get the best ROI. In the long run, you will gain more rather than spending enormously.

Better community moderation

The Loopia Network platform allows you to moderate the contents by yourself. You can say goodbye to the one above all authority that lets the bullies slide on mainstream social media.

Low Fees

Obviously, with the unbanked markets for business, the operational fees will significantly decline. You will save a lot of money in the process.