Model Features Under the Cover of TAG Heuer Monaco

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Model Features Under the Cover of TAG Heuer Monaco.

The TAG Heuer Monaco today
Another renaissance occurred in 2003 when the TAG Heuer Monaco was fitted with an all-new 17-gauge mechanism and a 7-row square steel bracelet. Another notable reissue of the Monegasque model was the Monaco V4, which uses a belt mechanism with ball bearings, much like an automobile engine, which is appropriate given that it is a named watch for a race. iconic automobile.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary, TAG Heuer released the first of five limited edition versions of the Monaco, during the Formula 1 race for which it was named last May. Released as the Monaco 1969-1979 Limited Edition, only 169 units were made in homage to the original ten years of the model's appearance.

Featuring a green dial with reddish-brown hands and yellow accents, the Monaco 1969-1979 takes you straight back to the 1970s just through the colors used in the design. The next four limited editions of the watch will pay homage to the decade-by-decade design aesthetic of the model.

The TAG Heuer Monaco was the first micro-winding automatic chronograph and featured the Caliber 11 mechanism. Later models featured the improved caliber movements, ending with the 1533 model which employed the Caliber 15. In 1972 the Monaco 73633 is powerfully released by the Valjoux 7736 movement and includes a third dial in place of the date dial.

The Monaco 74033 was a manual Valjoux 7740 wind mechanism, and the all-black version is considered rare in the collector's market. Today's Monaco is available in Quartz, a redesigned Caliber 11, or a Caliber 12 movement. The redesigned Caliber 11 movement has been the mainstay of the watch since its 40th anniversary reissue in 2009.

For the bracelet: avoid plastic at all costs. It looks cheap, it ages badly ...

Prefer leather or steel (steel links can pull and tear hair on the other hand). Even gold, platinum etc ... Aluminum has a good lightness / resistance ratio. Warning: If you have an allergy or your skin is rusting, avoid the affected materials.

There are also so-called “NATO” bracelets which have a military origin. They are extremely resistant, comfortable and hypoallergenic. They have a sporty connotation and bring an undeniable touch of relaxation (which can give an interesting contrast). For the case: they are often plated or rhodium-plated (a thin layer of gold, rhodium or the like has been applied to the base material for aesthetic and / or technical reasons). If you have a plated watch, tell the watchmaker before he does his repair ... If he polishes it to remove a scratch, the surprise is bad!

For the glass: they are often in plexiglass (there are so-called "sapphire" glasses for the top of the range). There are also “scratch resistant” ones. Small scratches go off during polishing, otherwise you can also change the glass.

With a unique yet classic beauty, the TAG Heuer Monaco with its square case is an imposing watch. It's no wonder that the watch featured on screen for 15 minutes across Le Mans, the above film starring Steve McQueen. Funky and futuristic, the Monaco is a standout, which is what designer Jack Heuer wanted all in the first place. Sporty and cool, the Monaco is extremely portable and laid back in any setting.

By whom was this watch worn?
Besides being a favorite of screen star Steve McQueen, Formula 1 team Red Bull, racer Ayrton Senna is a fan of the TAG Heuer Monaco. Actors Samuel L. Jackson and Matthew McConaughey are also frequently spotted with their TAG Heuer Monaco watches. These superstars are in good company with fellow actor Brad Pitt and Indycar driver Graham Rahal who also promote the shows for special events.

Whether you are the master of cool or not, the TAG Heuer Monaco is an iconic watch with a funky appearance that stops traffic. Named for the most prestigious circuit in racing, the TAG Heuer Monaco does honor to this special place by being an inspiring experience to own and wear.

The watch is an original with its own personality and the avant-garde spirit that will come to you as it has for generations of watch enthusiasts and collectors.