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TIPS FOR A POSITIVE MINDSET. This is often underestimated, especially among high performers: driven

This is often underestimated, especially among high performers: driven you rush from one goal to the next. That can make you successful - but it can also make you unhappy. No, you shouldn't be satisfied with less, but pause for a moment and celebrate successes, should still be possible.

Incidentally, this corresponds to point 1: Only those who are grateful for the good things become more sensitive to recognizing other good things . If you also praise yourself and treat yourself to something, you will remain motivated in the long term to stay on the ball and recognize new opportunities that you might otherwise have missed.

Try something new more often
Exploration and adventure always put you in a good mood. Here, too, the dopamine production in your brain is stimulated. For example, if you have a lot of routines, you may find yourself falling into a rut every now and then.

What helps your productivity, in some cases blocks your creativity and thus your love of life. Steig so quiet, and from time to time and try just on the weekend times something new . In this way, despite your commitment to continuity, you remain self-disciplined and flexible.

Experiment with affirmations
Affirmations are positive self-statements . You can write them down for yourself by collecting attributes that you want to embody or listening to them as guided meditation while sleeping so that they can penetrate deep into your subconscious.

It is also very effective to repeat your affirmations in front of the mirror every day. You can also record a positive intention in your diary every day that you want to use as a guide throughout the day. In this way you can give yourself a good feeling and actively work to meet your desired ideals [8].

Now let's be honest: If it doesn't work, then it doesn't work. And you have to be able to see and accept that too. There is a crucial difference between a positive mindset and  the glossing over of unpleasant situations.

Be realistic and don't use your positive mindset as an excuse to maintain the status quo. Realizing that a situation is not good for you or that you have misbehaved is at least as important to your personal development as the ability to maintain a constructive attitude .

Our mind is geared towards recognizing patterns and classifying as "true" anything that corresponds to them. So if you bring to yourself daily evidence that there is much bad in the world, you will also increase your tendency to be pessimistic.

If you consciously try to surround yourself with positive messages, people and thoughts, your mindset will also improve. Especially the conscious turning to yourself in the form of mindfulness and gratitude supports you in everyday life to return to yourself again and again and to accept unpleasant things without having to cling to them.