Also you have to pay for membership

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Basically happened on OSRS gold my primary with me. Began feeling like the time dedication was unsustainable 70s, even 60s for some abilities. I had a blast progressing things up to there, and even grinded a 99 (wc) just for the experience of it. I thought the grind to 65 att along with def, then str (somehow thought I needed def rather than str to get in the warrior guild) was a long grind and I was only going from 60. Then I grinded out 70s and recognized my grind was tame. Next got 80s and felt the 70 mill was tame. For me the grind that is current feels like the previous one. I just got 90 farming and am already half way to 91.

Some skills I do hate though. Fletching is simply 57 I think my Tears of Guthix visit RC and I train it. I hate thieving. RC is bad and agility is fine. You just can not compare yourself to others in a game such as this. If folks wish to behave as if they're much better than you, just because they play more hours, then that is sad for them but do not let it affect your own mentality. Simply play how you wish to play and achieve things which are realistic and fun for you. I acknowledge this game does have elitism difficulties and it is probably why I never really enjoyed clan chats, but I enjoyed hitting and playing my own goals.

Also you have to pay for membership, I never bought a bond. So I can afford to play with games I like, I work, I should not need to operate in Runescape to afford to play with it. I dont understand percent of gamers are currently playing this game. They despise playing Runescape, they want everything simpler, they hate skillsthey despise quests, they hate how they interact with everythingthey need 1000 updates to ironman before they may enjoy ironman. Their"love" for Runescape is very limited.

As an Ironman, I do get really annoyed how much we are catered to by upgrades. I enjoyed Ironman's challenge since it made me think outside of the box. I have been on a break. I don't really adhere to the updates too closely so I am dreading the day I find they ruined my UIM by catering to the mode too much. It sucks that something gets normiefied and therefore destroyed, if people need these alterations to produce ironman great they are able to simply play regular acc and choose the limitations themselves.

Do you have some examples? Because I really, really disagree. Ironman is slayer simulation and basically every ironman centric update I can think of was only making matters less cancer for no good reason. Like mining that is sandstone. I guess they fixed"Zulrahman mode" if they updated her fall table which was a step in the right way, but it could really be great if slayer was not the perfect way to get money AND skilling supplies. The shift to bosses dropping bulk supplied that started a couple of years ago with zulrah hurt the allure of long-term ironman. Having the ability to receive a large quantity of the resources you need just cheap School RS Gold by bossing or coaching slayer is pretty lame.