Largest Wholesale Frozen Beef Distributor Around The World

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Meet us. We're the best Wholesale beef distributors in Brazil. We deliver wholesale beef in bulks anywhere in the world. We are trusted by hundreds of successful retailers, processors, and importers.

Prima Chickens is trusted and loved by hundreds of mid to large retailers, processors and importers around the world—especially in Middle Eastern region. We have built our reputation by never compromising on quality, time and customer’s trust.

Wholesale Beef Distributors—How our long-term relationships define us:

Over 60% of our customers know us to be trust-worthy Brazilian Frozen Beef Suppliers for many years and the reason this successful long-term relation is providing them with what they expect, “a timely, cost-effective delivery of pure, and high breed wholesale beef and frozen beef products”

Now we invite you to join us in our mission to provide your customers with the highest quality of Wholesale Beef and Halal Beef products anywhere in the world. It’ll be a win-win deal for your customers and yourself. Your customers’ will be able to enjoy the premium taste of their favorite beef products resulting in more profits and reputation for your business.

Let us show you why you should trust Prima Chickens—The Industry Leading Brazilian Frozen Beef and Halal Beef Suppliers.

Halal Beef around the world:

We take pride in our always on-time deliveries. Our excellent relations with logistics and networks around the world help us ensure our customers receive their deliveries at promised time.

If you have often faced shortages of bulk meat around festivals, occasions and other events, you will understand how crucial it can be for your business to have a partner that can provide you with the right amount of meat—which is lots—at the right time.

In such case, our expert Brazilian frozen beef experts will prove to be a life-saver for your business by providing you with large quantities of wholesale beef and Halal beef on time and exactly as per your specifications.

Here are some of our most in-demand wholesale beef products:

  1. Dried Salted Beef
  2. Frozen Beef Pizzle
  3. Frozen Beef Liver
  4. Beef Feet Long
  5. Cow Feet
  6. Frozen Beef Feet Long Cut
  7. Beef Green Tripe
  8. Frozen Meat
  9. Boneless Beef

Why do you need the best Wholesale Beef Distributors in Brazil?

As Drew Carrey once said, “Eating poor food isn’t a reward, it’s a punishment.”

No one deserves to eat poor quality food—especially meat. Not when you have us to provide you with the highest quality wholesale beef and frozen beef. Prima Chickens has always proved among its customers to be a name they can trust and rely on whenever it comes to top-quality pure Beef products.

A refined touch to your fine dine:

Beef is consumed almost everywhere in the world. It is an integral element in many delicious recipes such as roast, roasted ribs, ground patties used in hamburgers, and most commonly, “steaks”. The juicy steaks have also been a favorite dish of royals throughout the history. And we—being the best Brazilian Frozen Beef Suppliers—help you enjoy the same kingly taste everywhere around the world by providing you with frozen beef products.

From small-scale restaurants in brazil to full-scale importers in Dubai, sandwich cafes in Europe to Michelin star restaurants in USA, we provide excellent quality, pure and full of nutrition meat everywhere in the world.

To enjoy premium wholesale beef meat is everyone’s right:

And we help you enjoy your rights by providing you just the right kind of premium wholesale beef. In recent years, people have become more educated about the benefits attached to eating pure meat—especially beef.

Benefits of eating the right amount of wholesale beef products:

They understand consuming the right amount of pure beef meat (also known as red meat) can help them live longer and healthier. Medical reports and researches have suggested many benefits attached to eating beef meat. Here’re some of the nutritional facts of beef:

(These figures are for a 3.5 ounce or 100 grams serving of beef)

  1. Calories – 217
  2. Water – 61%
  3. Carbs – 0
  4. Protein – 26.1 grams
  5. Sugar – 0
  6. Fats – 11.8 grams
  7. Fiber – 0



Protein helps you maintain mass muscle especially if you are an athlete.


There are different types of fats in beef. One such fat type is conjugated linolelic acid. It is known to help people in weight loss. However, just like everything else, consuming large doses of it can have harmful effects.


Beef contains:

  1. Vitamin B12
  2. Zinc
  3. Selenium
  4. Iron
  5. Niacin
  6. Vitamin B6
  7. Phosphorous

By consuming healthy dosages of wholesale beef, you can also have:

  1. Improved exercise performance
  2. Prevent Anemia
  3. Maintain Muscle (source: Healthline)

However, as we understand it already, extremism doesn’t pay well. Same can be the case with juicy beef. We have to maintain healthy servings if we want to reap the best benefits from it.

If you are inspired by our vision already you can place your first or next order here. If you need to learn more about our operations and how we ensure timely deliveries and bulk productions, contact us and our Wholesale Frozen beef distributors will join you shortly.